Arm yourself!!!

No matter the body type, one particular part of the female physique seems to garner the most complaints from its owners: the upper arm. (And almost all of us have two of them! Alas!) Whether you feel they're too thick or unforgivably flabby, their current condition may have you moving sleeveless tops to the back of your closet.

Now Beauty Wonkette thinks the ultimate solution to this problem is fairly easily solved with lots and lots of bicep curls, tricep extensions, dips, (pant, pant, sweat, sweat....), but Beauty Wonkette's lovely Aunt Suzy is, shall we say, not from the sweat set.

Well, there are lots of firming body creams out there, but Beauty Wonkette has to give Orlane kudos for recognizing the unique changes our arms go through with age—loss of density and elasticity, slowed circulation, fat accumulation—and formulating a cream specifically for this area. The ingredients of Refining Arm Cream were meticulously selected for the impact they can have up our sleeves.

Specifically, Orlane has chosen shiitake mushroom due to its ability to codify collagen; Peruvian golden chamomile, for its draining and preventative effects on fatty masses; and an almond protein compound that can hold onto tissues in such a way that it seemingly redefines your arms.

If you commit yourself to twice-a-day application, Orlane says you'll see firmer, more toned arms in less than two months. In fact, everyone will see firmer, more toned arms, because you'll finally start going sleeveless again! Beauty Wonkette's Aunt Suzy is very happy with the stuff and you can pick it up in just about any fine department store....


  1. What a load of rubbish. Unfortunately, it discounts your other advice when you recommend bat crappe like this. What's next, a cellulite cream that magically allows fat women to wear daisy dukes, if only they apply it twice a day?

  2. Heyyyyyyy now! I didn't say it did miracles, m'love. I said Aunt Suzy was happy with it, and she was. Still is, as a matter of fact. Now, for the fat girls and the daisy dukes... I'm NOT a fat girl, but there ARE cellulite creams that I like. They won't make a fat girl slim (no pun or references intended), but they DO make the skin look alot better, and when the skin is a tad firmer and in better condition, with more elasticity, the cellulite doesn't look as bad. As for the daisy dukes, well, THAT is another matter entirely. ;-)


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