Have you got Moxie?

Beauty Wonkette is grateful to Australia for Eric Bana, Russell Crowe, and shrimp on the barbie. Now, we can add Moxie to the list.

The down under import for down there just arrived at Duane Reade stores. And they ain't your mama's pads. The super-slim and sleek feminine hygiene goods come in cute candy-striped containers that just beg to be toted around. Besides being adorable, the tins mean gone are the days of fishing out your wallet, only to have a crumb-crusted, ink-stained panty liner fall out instead.

The 100% recyclable products include Slenders Pads ($6.50 for 12), Sleepover Pads ($6.50 for 10) so you can snooze through the night without worry, and the Slenders Panty Liners ($6 for 24) for light days.

Your white pants--and your handbag--have never looked so good.


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