From highlights to twilights.....

Well, tousle my tresses!

Beauty Wonkette knows that young girls line up to see Rob Pattison in the Twilight films. Not only has the film spawned a love for vampires, but Pattison's highlights have started a new trend. That is, all thanks to Beverly Hills colorist and salon-owner, Stuart Gavert, who coined the word for Pattison’s hair “twilights.” It’s something Beauty Wonkette thinks we should all know about since it can save money
and time with fewer trips to the hairdresser.

Beauty Wonkette: This all came about because you needed Robert Pattison’s hair to look the same through out the movie.

SG: Exactly. Since consistency is so important in filming, we designed Rob’s highlights to last the whole shoot (7-8 weeks).

BW: You called them twilights. What are “twilights”?

SG: Since many clients are concerned with their color lasting longer in our economically stressed age, I developed “Twilights.”. When we highlight the hair, we keep the light pieces about ¼-inch off the part and face line. They are visible throughout the body of the hair, but show much less re-growth than previous techniques.Since I couldn’t be on the set everyday I put the highlights under the top of the hair. No putting highlights on the exterior of the hair.

BW: That discovery will also save women money.

SG: This way you don’t have to go to the salon every other month. Women can come in every quarter to do highlights since you won’t see them growing out.

BW: Any other money-saving tips you can share with our readers?

SG: We offer free bang trims to keep the scissors out of our client’s hands. Ask your hairdresser for tips on how to manage hair your hair if you need to go longer between haircuts (something most high-end salons are now hearing). Employing a good conditioning regime with good products keeps hair looking good for extended times. We love Rene Furterer Karite Intense Nourishing Conditioning Cream. Where hair begins to look frayed and in need of a haircut is usually at the ends. Pay attention to conditioning this part of your hair and keep up hair color, as well. Faded hair might not need a haircut, but can look like it does.

Gavert Atelier
9666 BrightonWay/Beverly Hills, 90212


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