Like White on Rice ! DIY haircare from Peter Lamas

Beauty Wonkette can tolerate very few products in her hair. A couple of drops of Moroccan Oil is pretty much the limit. However, recent holiday hoopla reminded Beauty Wonkette that sometimes you really do need a little more body and hold.

BW is sure you've been there. We all have. But, before you start loading gunk into your hair, here's a neat little DIY tip from Peter Lamas. If you've tried (and loved) his Rice Protein sulfate free volumizing products - and if you have tried them, chances are you love them - you'll know at least a little about why this works so very well...

To build body and create hold: Bring 2 cups water to a boil. Throw in a fistful of rice - about half a cup should do it. After just a few minutes, long before the rice has absorbed all the water, turn off and let cool. Then drain and reserve the water. Transfer the water into a spray bottle and leave in the fridge. Mist on towel-dry hair before styling.

The starch from the rice creates volume and hold that will last an entire day without leaving sticky residue. Beauty Wonkette swears. Really.


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