There was a time, way back in the olden days, when Beauty Wonkette thought that pale lipstick - yeah yeah almost WWWWHITE - was just the most bitchin' thing. Beauty Wonkette makes this admission here even though she once went to great pains to destroy all evidence (read photos) of this unfortunate predeliction. So, you can imagine her shock when she encountered what appeared to be a blast from the past - a WHITE lipstick!!!!

Oh my! Would Beauty Wonkette become a victim of recidivism even after years of rehab and good grooming? Well, fortunately (or not), we'll never know.

You see, although at first glance, YSL's Rouge Pur Couture lipstick in Blanc looks like an intense opaque white, it turns out the shade is more a tribute to sheer shimmer than to '80s, frosted ice queen. When worn alone, Blanc gives a hint of slivery glimmer to lips and when layered, it mellows out super-saturated shades while also adding an extra boost of shine. Plus, the entire Rouge Pur Couture collection — sixteen shades in all — protects with SPF 15 and contains a fade-resistant base to help keep you prettied up throughout all your (ahem) winter activities.

It's carried everywhere the YSL line is carried and will set you back $30. Beauty Wonkette went for it - you might want to check it out....


  1. Ha! I always source out white lipstick, often find little pots from various brands. I can't wear lipstick so well, it looks dated and wrong on me, so I need to tone down colors by mixing in white.

    I think in the 80s I owned "White Lightening." I loved it, and all the prism colors around at the time. I'll buy this!


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