Look Ma, No Water!

Even though Beauty Wonkette isn't a big sleeper, mornings around Beauty Wonkette's household can be a bit errrrrrr HECTIC (ok - BW confesses: some mornings, this place is a loony bin), and (BW confession numero dos) Beauty Wonkette doesn't always have time to wash, dry and style her hair. BESIDES, (excuse alert - but actually a true one)it's really not good to wash your hair EVERY day. And, (another excuse alert) with the time you save you could be doing something really important - like sitting down and having something that resembles a healthy breakfast (with hubby even!). Okay - time to cut the crap.

In reasonably warm weather, Beauty Wonkette has zero problems leaving the house with wet hair and letting it air dry. Yeah, sure, it looks a little "undone", but ain't that secksy??? Besides, if something more "adult" is in order, BW can always do a ponytail or a loose chignon or something. But in this freaking cold? Unless you want your head to turn into an ice cube, there is no way any of us are going out there with wet hair.

That's why we jumped at this product from Brooklyn's soon to be famous boutique skinnyskinny: organic dry shampoo. This vegan hair care product promised to leave our hair looking fresh in a matter of minutes, sans shower.

Beauty Wonkette tried the stuff (which is handmade at the Williamsburg shop btw) and was very impressed. Twas easy. Just sprinkle (or dust with a powder brush) along the roots of your hair, wait a few minutes, and then comb through. That's it, my lovelies! Done! One caveat - especially if the bulk of your wardrobe tends towards black - do this before getting dressed to avoid any loose powder falling alllllll over your Armani clad self. (ask Beauty Wonkette how she knows :( ).

This stuff is amazing. Beauty Wonkette didn't think it possible, but as promised, she was able to go three days without washing and avoided the dreaded oily yucky hair syndrome, even on days she worked out. The all-natural formula left her scalp clean and toxin-free. As an added benefit, if you're a hair tosser (yes, BW loves to toss her hair around), you'll be treated to a delightful fragrance with each and every toss. And the fragrances ARE lovely: Organic Rose and Black Pepper, Organic Grapefruit and Cardamon (Beauty Wonkette's personal fav), Organic Jasmine, Organic Lavendar and Rosemary. And, if that's not enough, these shampoos actually give your hair an awesome texture that doesn't require as much styling products to have volume. In case you haven't guessed, Beauty Wonkette is in LOVE with this stuff.

4.5 ounces will set you back $32, but it's enough to use for 3 months or more, even if you have lots and lots of long tresses like BW. Check out some of the other stuff on skinnyskinny's website. Great stuff.


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