Stressed? Depressed? PMS? Overindulged? Moody?

Chances are that whatever it is that ails you, 21 Drops has an aromatherapy blend to soothe you. After extensive surveys and questionnaires, this company's founders identified 21 everyday woes that seem to plague every one of us at one time or another and came up with an aromatherapy blend to address them.

Beauty Wonkette loves the bright, rubbery, hi-tech packaging that houses each precise concoction of plant extracts AND you can tuck them neatly into even the slimmest makeup bag so you'll have 'em when you need 'em. Lucky Magazine called them LIFE CHANGING! Beauty Wonkette isn't prepared to go that far, BUT she does have a few favorites among the 21:

13 Carry On
- Blended from rose flower oil, helichrysum flower oil, sandalwood wood oil, lavender flower oil and frankincense resin oil to help manage loss, ease sorrow and soothe the heart. The oils in this blend help settle the effect of emotional trauma on the nervous system. It’s intended to support the transformation from endings to new beginnings. It heals, encourages, restores and renews. Carry On helps you to persevere. You grieve. You let go. You move forward.

04 Hangover
- Blended from juniper fruit oil, geranium leaf oil, lavender flower oil and cardamom seed oil to detox, refresh and revive. The oils in this blend stimulate the lymphatic system to help flush toxins from the body, dispel nausea, and ease water retention. This blend revives, soothes and purifies.

21 Inspire
- Blended from cedarwood wood oil, sandalwood wood oil and black pepper dried fruit oil to release blocked energy, increase creativity and inspire action. The oils in this blend are transformative and enlivening. Inspire helps to spark productivity and crystallize vision. You inspire and are inspired. You are the driving force.

06 Passion
- Blended from jasmine flower oil, rose flower oil, cardamom seed oil and sandalwood wood oil to help release inhibitions, stimulate affection and ignite passion. This blend is all about promoting playfulness, enthusiasm, exploration and an appetite for life. It is sensual. It is exhilarating.

11 De-stress
- Blended from frankincense resin oil, lavender flower oil, ylang ylang flower oil and german chamomile flower oil to steady nerves, relieve tension and reduce stress on the limbic system. The oils in this blend are effective in countering situational irritation and angst. The 21 Drops De-Stress blend helps you to stay cool under fire, encouraging graciousness and diplomacy, balance and decisiveness. You are accepting. You are flexible. You are at ease.

Check them out and find your favorite....


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