It's a TRAP !!!

Eeeeeeek! It's a trap! A spin trap that is. Which is a good trap. Or so I'm told.....

It's all about free radicals. Huh? Unless you're an aging baby boomer who, thanks to Timothy Leary, has been left with synapses that don't quite fire like they should, you do KNOW that free radicals are not hairy people who stick flowers in guns when said guns are pointed at them. Fast forward to 2011 and anyone who has ever slapped moisturizer on their mug knows allllll about free radicals. Free radicals = B A D. Very bad.

Free radicals contribute to skin aging as unstable molecules that damage everything from cell walls to DNA. The good news is that now you can fight free radical damage anywhere you need it. With THIS:

(which is a very cool indy skincare line) has put out Antioxidants Concentrate, a new lightweight (VERY concentrated) skincare serum that helps you bring together powerful anti-aging antioxidants with fresh items at home for extremely effective and unique do-it-yourself skincare products.

One of the reasons Beauty Wonkette loves this stuff is that it is extremely versatile. Sure, you can use Antioxidants Concentrate on its own, but if you already have a regimen you aren't inclined to change, you can blend it with your favorite skincare creams, masks and serums to increase their effectiveness. It's really great to add to lotions for your neck, chest, hands, elbows and knees. Antioxidants Concentrate also makes a fantastic addition prior to or after spa services such as LED light treatments.

The stuff is based on 4 key ingredients: ferulic acid, vitamin E, lippchroman-6, and (yes!) SPIN TRAP. Most Beauty Wonkettes know all about ferulic acid and vitamin E. But, let's take a closer look at the other two key ingredients.

If they had a mascot over there at Your Best Face Skincare, it would be spin trap. This unique skin protector is like the superhero of antioxidants. Most antioxidants simply blast away at free radicals thus destroying the molecule in the process. Ahhhh but spin trap stabilizes free radical molecules without destroying them, thereby more effectively preventing damage.

Along with spin trap, Lipochroman-6 is a hallmark antioxidant used in almost every product YBF makes. Lipochroman-6 is a potent protector from two types of free radicals attributed to aging skin and damage: ROS (reactive oxygen species) and RNS (reactive nitrogen species) free radicals.

They also point out that if spin trap is an antioxidant superhero then vitamin E is its trusty sidekick! On it's own, vitamin E does a pretty good job fighting ROS free radicals. We already knew that. But, here's the bonus: it also pairs with many other antioxidants, increasing their effectiveness and recharging antioxidants such as ferulic acid. It is also well suited to naturally protect product freshness.

Now, you probably already know this, but Beauty Wonkette thought it would be just plain mean NOT to give a shout out to the ferulic acid in this quartet. Ferulic acid is a great free radical scavenger of ROS (reactive oxygen species), making it highly protective against UV-induced free radical damage that speeds the appearance of aging. It's found naturally in plants and is a compound that protects plants from UV damage during photosynthesis.

YBF Skincare is a very neat line that is definitely worth checking out. Each formula multi-tasks and is highly concentrated, saving you time and money. And, unlike other skincare lines who really sling the bull and insist that YOU SIMPLY MUST USE THEIR LINE AND ONLY THEIR LINE (god Beauty Wonkette HATES that), YBF's founders tell you that while their products work great on their own, they encourage you to layer them with other favorite products in your arsenal, which Beauty Wonkette thinks is very cool of them.

The Antioxidant Concentrate is $55 and, along with all their other stuff, is available online at the Skincare Shop.


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