Have a sexy Spring ;-)

It's SPRING!!! the sun has finally shown itself (been raining here for daysssss). And now, my fellow Beauty Wonkettes, it's your turn. Why not get rid of all those bulky layers in the most pulse-pounding way possible? Have him do it. What's the easiest way to persuade him to start unzipping? Irresistible perfumes -- scents so alluring Beauty Wonkette shall call them aphrodisiacs. To get him going, hand-pick the aromas that will lure him closer, then closer... then, well, the rest is your business.

Since Agent Provocateur makes some of the sexiest, yet sophisticated lingerie on the planet, it only makes sense their latest perfume would have a naughty air. This eau du parfum infuses white lotus flowers (Beauty Wonkette realizes now that she adores the scent of white lotus)and delicate nuances of white ylang-ylang, but also hits a warm and musky tone. The sexy scientists at A.P. headquarters crafted Maitresse as a naughty sister scent to their original scent, and she's very, very bad, in a very, very good way. Wearing Maitresse is akin to wearing their lingerie -- it may not be for the everyday, but when things need heating up in the bedroom, skip the covers and reach for this scent.

80 for 50 ml, at agentprovocateur.com


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