Hanging by a thread(er)......

The fate of Beauty Wonkette's eyebrows is hanging by a thread...device.

Having never tried threading (I know, I know--it's super effective and long-lasting blah blah blah), Beauty Wonkette wasn't sure what to expect from the Sun Maita At-home Threading kit, the first of its kind.

Beauty Wonkette felt a little safer reading Sun Maita's promise to be gentle (it doesn't tug the skin like waxing, so there's no irritation). So after setting up the gadget's threads in a criss-cross pattern, it was time for a test run on my arm. The threads crossed over the hair, grabbing and pulling a few at a time with minimal pain. Not bad.

Next stop: eyebrows, where BW hoped to replicate the exactness of her trusty Rubis.

No such pluck (sorry, I couldn't resist ;-) ). At least not right away. It was easy to remove small groups of hairs from the area, but it was clear a bit more practice was required for more precise landscaping.

In the meantime, Beauty Wonkette will continue to perfect her threading skills on her arm and upper lip AND recommend the device to anyone looking for an effective (assuming you're willing to practice) new way to de-fuzz at home.

Score your kit online for $150 at http://www.threaderonline.com/


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