Concession to the recession aka Beauty Wonkette plays mad scientist.....

With a little experimentation, my fellow Beauty Wonkettes, it is possible to have custom beauty down to a science...

Hypothesis: "Reformulating" our makeup stash will give us more mileage from our products...and yield some very positive reactions.

Materials: Tired, broken and neglected makeup; small airtight containers (like empty baby food jars); Q-tips for mixing.


• Foundation + face lotion (SPF if possible) = tinted moisturizer
• Powder blush + clear balm/salve = lip gloss
• Lipstick + concealer + clear balm/salve = cream blush
• Powder bronzer + liquid concealer = cream eye shadow
• White/shimmery eye shadow + moisturizer = highlighter
• Lipstick + liquid concealer = matte lip color (alter the shade with powder or blush)
• Too-dark face powder + eye cream = cream bronzer
• Dark eye shadow + clear balm/salve = cream eyeliner
• Powder bronzer + face powder = brow powder (use a tissue to pack loose powder back into a container)
• Mascara + clear balm/salve (clean wand, rub with balm, and use as normal) = glossier mascara

Conclusion: Spending cash on new products doesn't have to be part of the solution OR save money by playing Dr. Frankenstein and you'll have MORE money to spend on new stuff (WEG)


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