Beer in Your Hair....

Beauty Wonkette just read an interesting interview with top Australian hairstylist Joh Bailey. One of his tips:

"Beer. It’s fantastic as a setting lotion – it’s something to do with the fermentation process. Put it in a spray bottle and mist it in before a blow-dry. The effect is really beautiful. Really. I like Heineken but even Toohey’s will do!"

Beauty Wonkette first heard of Joh Bailey on Australia’s Next Top Model when he personally did the makeovers for the girls. He's pretty cool. (BW has been secretly watching AusNTM5 online during downtime at work and loving it. Such a guilty pleasure :D)

Anyway, back to the beer - I’ve heard the trick of rinsing out your hair with beer for extra shine, but not as a setting lotion!

Someone want to try this and tell us what you think? :-P


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