A new way to get a sexy pout ?

A new device for plumping up thin lips is raising more than a few eyebrows, most specifically the two attached to Beauty Wonkette's face! Check this out fellow Beauty Wonkettes. Luscious Lips is a small pump that creates a vacuum seal around the mouth—by pulling the pump back and forth. According to the company that makes it, the instrument increases blood flow to the mouth, increasing lip size by fifty percent. Now, Beauty Wonkette loves the idea of a fuller, sexier mouth, but she couldn't help but notice that the instructions caution that Luscious Lips could "cause bruising in the mouth area." Beauty Wonkette asked Washington, DC dermatologist and Georgetown University professor Tina Alster to test it. "The suction irritates the lips and causes bruising," she says. "If you're looking for a painless alternative to collagen injections, this isn't it. What THIS is, my dear, is essentail a breast pump (ala the BRAVA system) for the face." (Ouchies. And hilarious.)


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