Beauty Wonkette Lays Out the Welcome Matte !

For recovering hardcore kids who spent their disgruntled youth scribbling on appendages with a black Sharpie or a bottle of Wite-Out, matte nails are nothing new. Ditto who grew up but not out of their chain-wearing, head-banging ways, there’s ManGlaze, the branded bottled version of the look that got its humble beginnings at Magma, a punk and hardcore festival in Yokohama, Japan.

However, if, like Beauty Wonkette, you like the idea of a no-shine manicure (a matte polish will most definitely make even stubby digits look longer and slimmer), but fall into neither of the above categories, Knock Out Cosmetics’ Flatte collection will keep you on trend, without having to attend a Slipknot concert.

KO (READ: Knock Out) is the creation of makeup artist Mike Potter - best known for creating the hair and makeup for his longtime client and friend Karen O (front woman of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs), as well as the groundbreaking stage and film versions of Hedwig & the Angry Inch.

Potter, who had been painting the statement-making fingertips of Karen O with matte ebony nail lacquer for years just could not find a particular polish line that lived up to his exacting standards. So, he created his own. His addictive Flatte Black nail paint is shiny when wet but dries sans shimmer with one coat. (Imagine the look of fresh charcoal.)

The appropriately named line features six other chip-resistant, shineproof nail colors—like Karen (the saucy fire-engine red is a nod to the singer’s trademark lip color) and Calamine (a milky pink that recalls the beloved childhood anti-itch lotion of the same name).

If you're looking to stand apart from the crowd, (and Beauty Wonkette usually is :D), look no further. Just as a pearl is one of a kind, so is KO. Think Victoriana meets art deco meets the ultimate rock chic; it’s powerful, elegant, iconic; it's edgy and interesting, and well, TOTALLY PERFECT!

For the longest-lasting, no-shine look, paint on two coats of polish. Allow time to dry. It has a thicker consistency but dries smooth. Then, use "Flatte Top" as a top coat. For a slight variation, you can buff your nails after two coats to achieve a satin finish.

Another reason Beauty Wonkette love this company: KO spares no detail. The bottles are beautiful! Indeed, they are the Chrysler Building of polish bottles — a tall, slender brush in a frosted art nouveau glass. Gorgeous.

not bad for $22


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