Fatal Extraction

Beauty Wonkette always thought one of the golden rules of skin care was that you should never do your own extractions. But according to skincare guru Liz Earle, it’s fine to DIY as long as you follow some basic guidelines:

1. Give skin a good cleanse first and only extract after a shower, bath or steam so skin is soft and easier to work.

2. Make sure your hands are scrupulously clean.

3. Always use a tissue – it’s kinder (and cleaner) on skin than bare nails.

4. Use a little plant-based oil on the area before you extract (extra virgin olive oil is a good one). It protects the skin and makes extractions easier.

5. Use a magnifying mirror or at least make sure you have plenty of light.

6. Don’t over-poke. If a black head or spot doesn’t budge after a bit of massaging around, leave it. (Think of extractions as an on-going part of your cleansing routine – you don’t have to get them all out every time but removing the worst will keep skin looking clear.)

7. Use a little antiseptic afterwards – diluted witch hazel or a few drops of tea tree oil on a damp cotton pad works fine.

8. Help eliminate black heads by always cleansing with a muslin cloth. "Within six weeks, your blackheads should have disappeared," says Liz. Use an oil based cleanser to loosen make-up and dirt, soak your muslin cloth in warm water and use it in firm strokes to clean up. If you’re prone to break-outs, shake a few drops of tea tree oil on to your damp cloth first.

Happy zapping from Liz Earle and Beauty Wonkette


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