Happy happy happy happy......ahem

They say that money can’t buy happiness. Pfft.... Beauty Wonkette considers the line a total crock. Especially now that you can buy Smiley beauty products online.

French company Groupe Arthes has developed a fun and scentsational way to stimulate happiness; the Smiley Happy Therapy Line (safe to self–proscribe). Smiley is a fragrance, a “psychotonic” designed to “activate happiness” and to combat depression through scent!

Stop right there. No more rolling of those well-mascara’ed eyes! We know, we know. Beauty Wonkette was skeptical at the thought of an anti-depressant perfume, too. Of course Beauty Wonkette asked ‘Does the fragrance world really need another New Age aromatherapy product?’ How can such a hypothesis even be proven? How the heck does it work?

The Company claims “…that Smiley is the first fragrance clinically proven to activate the brain’s happiness receptors.” Smiley actually works on the chemical level to elevate your mood, so let’s break it down a bit in laywoman’s terms.

The scent– a citrus and slightly woody combo (that is by no means demure) contains micronutrients that are supposedly the keys to unlocking happiness. The main ingredients? Smiley contains micro-nutrients that activate happiness – theobromine (found in CHOCOLATE) and phenylethylamine - both natural mood elevators. We all know what chocolate can do for your mood, and the same concept applies here. Phenylethylamine is the hormone which stimulates the “joy” center in the brain, and it’s present in the perfume. So imagine that! A spritz’ll give you the same effect as downing a chocolate bar, sans the calories! It also provides the same result as sitting in a therapist’s office for an hour, sans the hefty price tag.

Beyond that, the benefits of Smiley can be psychosomatic. When you primp for a date, you feel better BECAUSE YOU THINK YOU LOOK BETTER. Scent is closely linked to memory, so if you take a deep breath when wearing this concoction, familiar notes can transport you to back to happier, simpler times. And point blank: If you smell good, you feel good, so spritz on all your pulse points, you’ll inhale the scent with every breath, and find yourself smiling and feeling invigorated.

At the end of the day, Smiley Happy Therapy certainly won’t cure all that ails you, but it certainly can elevate your mood and make you smell divine. It is available in different potions and lotions. As always, Beauty Wonkette says why not go for it and try the Smiley Emergency Kit available at www.beautyhabit.com


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