Suck on this, sweetie.....

Over the years, Beauty Wonkette has come to the firm conclusion that sucking then swallowing is usually a true recipe for success.

Except, alas, when it comes to your breath.

For that, Beauty Wonkette recommends that you reverse the order with EatWhatever, a new product that truly fights halitosis in a one-two punch.

The packs come with two components: jellies and mints. After a garlicky or otherwise malodorous meal, swallow two or three jellies containing organic peppermint and parsley seed oils to fight bad breath from the inside out. Then suck on one of the mints to expedite the freshening process.

For guidance on how many jellies to pop, refer to the website’s handy menu, which indicates dosage according to the type of meal you’ve ingested.

Your mouth will be so sweet, you’ll have no trouble attracting suitors.

At that point, Beauty Wonkette thinks you’ll want to reverse the order again. (Just sayin' ;-) )


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