Assume the uhhhh POSITION....

Banish sunburns forever with the flick of your wrist.

Beauty Wonkette hears that ou've been a bad, bad girl. You've been criminally lax when it comes to your sunscreen routine.

Ohhhhhh sure, you stock up on the best lotions and potions, but somehow, you always forget to re-apply. The punishment? Sunburns (ouchies).

Luckily, Beauty Wonkette has found one accessory that doubles as your "get out of jail free" card. Just slip on the UVSunSense bracelet before you hit the beach or the pool!

Here's how it works: While you're applying sunscreen, use a dab of lotion to coat the wristband where it says "Apply sunscreen to this side." The band will turn purple, indicating it's been activated. When you've absorbed too many harmful UV rays, the band morphs to brown signaling it's time to reapply. And when the words dissappear altogether, it's time to abort your tanning mission and run for cover.

Beauty Wonkette is sooooo good to you :D. Grab these for $5.57 for a pack of 7 right here


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