Smooth operator....

You can call Beauty Wonkette demanding, but we don't want our pores to be just unclogged - we want them to be tiny, eensy-weensy, virtually invisible to the naked eye. Is that so much to ask?

Well, if you're asking Renee Rouleau, then no.

This spa-owning aesthetician has created a resurfacing cream that looks and feels more like a cream, but works more like a super-scrubbing resurfacer. Micro Crystal Cream is a gentle, dreamy exfoliator that uses super-small crystal particles to reduce pores while helping to keep them clear. As it refines, it smoothes skin into a younger-looking state, complete with less discoloration.

Beauty Wonkette loves that it nourishes and soothes as it sloughs, leaving behind vitamins and botanical extracts like ginseng, horse chestnut, lavender and comfrey.

$37.50 at Renee Rouleau


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