Strange/Beautiful indeed.....

Beauty Wonkette is slightly obsessed with nail polish these days. Pedicures are a year round indulgence for BW, but once the warm weather comes around, that indulgence seems to become an obsession - but it's a fun one. And while Beauty Wonkette can always fall back on a few of her all time classic favs, it's always fun to find new and unusual colors. Enter Strange/Beautiful....

STRANGEBEAUTIFUL™ was inspired by the vibrant red typewriter designed by ETTORE SOTTSASS and his work with the MEMPHIS group of designers, who rejected the rules of "good taste" and functionalism, and regarded design as fashion, with outrageous style appearing for a season and quickly disappearing. Willful and provocative, STRANGEBEAUTIFUL™ library of color changes each season so you have to grab it while you can.

The first collection for included a rainbow of vibrantly beautiful colors including A Midcentury Modern Orange and An Art Nouveau Blue teal - inspired by the depths of a lake at night. The collection, according to Jane Schub, the illustrator and now beauty entrepreneur who created the line, “is like a Josef Albers painting. Another plus is that the collection is free of traditional chemicals that some of us aren't too happy with, like Formaldehyde, Toluene, and DBP (dibutyl phthalate).

Volume 2, the limited edition collection launched for Spring 2009, which is the one Beauty Wonkette has pictured for you, takes inspiration from a variety of objects: the dull red color of a lobster shell; the dark dense saturated black purple inspired by the venerable J. Herbin ink company founded in 1670; the slate blue color of a uniform in an 1846 Currier print; an interesting color palette of camouflage called Tan and Water; Oscar Wilde; the exuberant colors of the Federalist period. These inspirations are what came to Jane Schub's mind when creating StrangeBeautiful’s richly perverse color saturated Volume 2.

Beauty Wonkette is loving these colors. What Beauty Wonkette is NOT loving as much is that you have to purchase the entire volume for $79. Originally sold exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman, it is now available online at Lucky Scent and several other online suppliers.e


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