Making up, breaking up.....Beauty Wonkette says SCR** the tabloids!

For the most part, Beauty Wonkette enjoys food shopping....EXCEPT when she makes the mistake of thumbing thru the tabloids at checkout. Beauty Wonkette cannot believe that the tabloids (as well as some blogs that will go unnamed .... GRRRR) are still
bitching about female celebrities venturing
outdoors without makeup. They're so sensational
about it, that catching Pamela Anderson without
her face paint seems to rival the fright of a Sasquatch
sighting. And it's also one of the lamest, laziest ways
to hack at female self-esteem; implying that a
woman without makeup is committing some sort of
societal crime. The endless "Stars without Makeup"
tabloid rants are a constant reminder of the
not-so-subtle sexism in Hollywood: that female star
power is only skin deep. But for heaven's sake--if
Penélope Cruz can't go to the beach without her
"face on," then there’s no hope for the rest of us. Beauty Wonkette's guess is that the editors of those rags look like crap with or without makeup.

(Beauty Wonkette climbs down off her soapbox....)


  1. *Claps enthusiastically*

    Thank God someone else is annoyed by that. I look like the pores on my nose might devour a planet (maybe a solar system) without makeup on, so I really can't judge anyone else that decides to say screw it and go out without a layer of foundation and looks not so great. And Penelope looks fine.

    To even things out there should be articles pointing out every actor who goes out without his six pack painted on and oiled up.


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