Sunday's best?

Any Beauty Wonkette worth her salt has gleaned tips on love, beauty, style, and, of course, cooking (Nonna’s meatball recipe!) from previous generations. The real trick is to take that generational knowledge and combine it with the most advanced developments in beauty science, don't ya think? Well, it's looking like beauty world newbie and Texas native Sunday Riley has succeeded in doing just that.

Marrying botanicals and biochemistry, Sunday Riley has launched a skincare line that is intended to heal, detoxify and recharge the skin.What she's done is launch a skincare line based on a very happy marriage of botanicals and biochemistry whose aim is to heal, detoxify, and recharge the skin.

Beauty Wonkette has heard an awful lot of buzz about the line. Upon returning to the U.S., one of Beauty Wonkette's first stops was Barneys (of course) where she got a chance to check the line out alive and in person. Further research (hey you read this stuff because BW is, afterall, a WONKette) revealed that the line was born out of Sunday’s own severe hyper pigmentation and her need to find a solution. When she couldn’t find anything that would solve her concerns, she drew upon her own knowledge about healing botanicals learned from her grandmother and modern science. The end result: an anti-aging line that claims to rejuvenate and refresh skin.

There are seven signature products: Good Genes Treatments, Skin Adrenaline, Cashmere SPF 30 Sun Defense, Bionic Anti-Aging Cream, Start Over Eye Cream, Disrobe, and Liquid Diet Water Weight Loss Body Treatment.

Each product is based on a NV-5 Ageless Complex that consists of a proprietary blend of 5 Native American botanicals. What are they you ask? Well, Beauty Wonkette HAD to know too. As it turns out, NV-5 Ageless Complex is comprised of Blue Agave, Biofermented Aloe and Yeast Extract, Lady’s Slipper Orchid, Prickly Pear Cactus and Queen of the Night Cactus. The formula was designed to fight cellular inflammation and detoxify the skin for long lasting radiance.

There is no question that the line is enticing in every way. The question is does it work?

Beauty Wonkette wanted to try EVERYTHING, but since all the travel, strange water elements, and just general stress has left BW with body skin like a lizard, the first product she tried was Disrobe, which is hydrating body lotion that also helps tone and firms skin.

It claims to get rid of skin “crepiness,” provide UV protection and purify by eradicating toxins. First, BW loves the sleek and simple packaging, as well as the clever name. Pump out the white opaque lotion and apply to skin; you’ll immediately feel a tingly cool sensation. You also definitely feel like your skin is getting a nice dose of moisturization. Touch your skin and it will feel soft and supple! We’ve been applying this to our legs and thighs after showers; after three weeks, we definitely notice that overall, they look better toned and softer with daily use. If you can splurge on a $65 lotion, this stuff is DEFINITELY worth trying.

The second product Beauty Wonkette tried was Liquid Diet. BW never had much of problem with water retention, but spending hours and hours in the yucky environs of big, transcontinental airflights took care of that! Ugh.

Oh BW was skeptical. VERY skeptical. Sunday Riley says Liquid Diet's purpose is

to temporarily drain excess fluid, providing a more refined silhouette A clever beauty tool that reduces fluid retention wherever and whenever you need it. Helps Temporarily Flatten the Stomach. A Must-Have for swimsuit season, a big night out, or anytime your favorite jeans feel a little tight. Great for Depuffing tired Feet, and Reducing Water Retention from Hips and Thighs. Instant Relief, Stronger Effects noticeable within a Few Hours.

Does it work? Uhhhhhhh YEAH! Beauty Wonkette suspects it has alot to do with all the caffeine in it, but this stuff most definitely has an uber quick, albeit temporary, slimming and toning effect. Is that worth $105 to you? It certainly is to BW !

Beauty Wonkette rarely finds body products that she's willing to shell out big bucks for, but these two items now have a permanent place in her dressing room. BW is also VERY anxious to try some of Sunday Riley's face products. She promises to report back when she does. For now, the line is available on Sunday Riley's website and, exclusively, at Barneys NY.


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