Running TO the Graveyard!!! MAC ATTACK MAC ATTACK MAC ATTACK !!!

No, my lovelies, Beauty Wonkette did NOT make one of her famous thaipos. She really did mean to type running TO the graveyard. Not to worry - Beauty Wonkette is way too sophisticated to have fallen into a Twilight swoon. Read on...

If you're a MAC fanatic (to be honest, Beauty Wonkette is not, nor was she ever, but everyone else seems to be), you know that the brand has achieved cult status not just for packing a pigment punch and weaving a spellbinding color story, but also for the ability to sell out limited-edition stock within mere hours of a launch.

Pretty cool we suppose...BUT also pretty frustrating if you miss out, eh? MAC giveth and MAC taketh away. Candy Yum-Yum, a fluorescent hot pink lipstick that terrified boyfriends everywhere but made countless chicas feel ridiculously bad-ass, disappeared from shelves so quickly that nobody could get a backup. And Moth Brown eyeshadow — the perfect neutral — is even a staple in Beauty Wonkettes makeup bag (but we're down to the dusty dregs). Evidently, you are not alone in your pleas to bring back your fave limited-edition shades, and fortunately, MAC has heard the cries, the weeping, the wailing, the angry grumbles of their obsessed beautyholic customers.

Their new online exclusive collection, MAC By Request, lets MAC Facebook fans vote among eighteen of their most clamored-for lipsticks, glosses, and eyeshadows until March 30. After that, three winning shades from each category will be brought back from the glamour graveyard. Don't see your favorite in the lineup? They invite you to start your own campaign by tweeting with the hashtag #MACBYREQUEST. The only thing that might urk you about this collection? It's limited edition! MAC sure has you on a short leash, my dear :-)

What limited-edition shade do you want to see back on shelves?


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