Oil and Water Mix and Produce Luscious Locks

Beauty Wonkette (who has oily Mediterranean skin btw) was totally won over to oils when it comes to facial cleansing a long, long time ago - first with the standard OCM, then with Go Bare Skincare's absolutely addictive Deep Cleansing Oil. Oh, it took awhile to convince me, but the disappearance of what were previously crater-like pores (ok, perhaps BW is exaggerating; they were merely Philly potholes, not craters)helped quite the conversion. Oils definitely have made my skin less oily, not more so. Which might sound a little strange. But Beauty Wonkette is in good company!

Back in the late fifties, the brilliant makeup artist Shu Uemura developed his cleansing oil. At the same time, he made a revolutionary statement: “Oil removes oil.” Hmm…sounds crazy, but it’s logical – oil plus oil negates itself? But, even though Beauty Wonkette had become a total convert to the idea of using oil blends to cleanse her puss, the prospect of washing her hair with a product packed full of oils sounded, well, SKEERY. However, for the sake of Beauty Wonkettes the world over, she made herself a guinea pig. Beauty Wonkette is so glad she did, too.

Shu Uemura’s new Cleansing Oil shampoo (full of enticing oils like jasmine, musk rose, argan, camellia, along with black cumin and depsea water) resembles body oil in the container, but dispense it (BW loves love the easy pump) and it turns into a rich, richer, and richer still lather. Your hair is left as clean as can be, but without that stripped down, overly clean feeling that lets you know your hair isn’t quite in its natural state. Softness, volume, and moisture all the way. Delish.

There is but one problem. Sigh. 13.4 oz of this golden elixir will run you $55. Drat! Luxury just doesn't come cheap.

At Shu Uemura for $55.


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