Coochie cream on my face???????

Would ya? The fact is alot of gals probably would. Beauty Wonkette remembers talk of using Preparation H under the eyes even when she was just a baby Beauty Wonkette! Ahhh but seriously, this is NOT "coochie cream." Monistat Chafing Powder Gel (which you will find - yes - where they keep the coochie creams) is, without question THE BEST primer you will ever find. The fact that the most you'll pay for it is $7-8 is a bonus. I'd pay twice as much for what it does...

I read about this on the beauty boards about 18 months ago. I'd never used a primer so I kind of ignored it. I also didn't use foundation because I thought it made my skin look worse, not better. I tried cult favorite Bare Escentuals and I swear that it made me look like an old lady. I figured I was never going to use anything but tinted moisturizer (which is a problem for me because I don't really a daytime moisturizer) and a dusting of loose powder.

Then, Sephora gave me a sample of Smashbox primer. I used it before I dusted my face with my beloved Makeup4Ever finishing powder (which totally rocks btw). OMG I looked gorgeous! My skin was totally flawless. Amazingly, it stayed that way for a full 18 hours. (My face usually looks like I swam thru an oil slick by midday). Smashbox primer runs about $36. Beauty Wonkette thought that was reasonable enough. Then I read about the Monistat... I was sceptical, indeed. But, a little research showed that the ingredients are exactly the same. I've been using it happily every since and you should too. Just make sure you buy the right stuff. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE STUFF YOU USE IF YOU HAVE A YEAST INFECTION save for the fact that both are made by Monistat.

You can read absolutely everything you might want to know about this - as well as stuff you would have never thought to ask - right here:



  1. ok, so Im going to try this lol
    you've convinced me!
    will update =)


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