Curlformers - a hair curling REVOLUTION !!!

Beauty Wonkette has long, thick, layered, and just a leetle bit wavy hair. If I wash my hair and work some leave in conditioner or my beloved Fekkai stuff that I can never remember the full name of, and let it air dry, it look kind of cool. I only do that when I'm not going anywhere though. It's my messy bedhead look :D

Most of the time, I use a flat iron or a wide barrel brush/curling iron to smooth and straighten my hair and make it all shiny and glossy and I DO love the way my hair looks and feels. Since I was just a junior beauty wonkette, I've been doing stuff to torture the waves out of my hair. How ironic that now I sometimes long for that curly haired girl look! I went out and got myself an Enzo Milano Curling Iron and I've got to tell you, it is really fabulous. The number of things you can do with it is amazing and I've never had anything but fantastic results. I highly recommend this to everyone I know. Buttttttt, this isn't about my Enzo Milano. Nope. It's about these crazy looking things called CURLFORMERS.

During a recent trip to my local Sally's Beauty Supply, they had a Curlformers video running. It just looked so absolutely cool that even though I'm happy with my Enzo Milano for days that I want to style my hair curly, I wasn't gonna be happy unless I tried these things.

They're alot of fun to use and the results really are great. They also cost alot less than the Enzo Milano. So, if you just want to try out a curly girl look without investing a grip OR if you figure you'll only go curly now and then and the Enzo Milano isn't worth it for you, you've got to grab some of these. I know you'll be amazed as I was at the result. The Curlformers site has a bunch of instruction videos as does Sally's Beauty Supply and YouTube. So, whether your hair is short or long or somewhere inbetween; whether you want to be a complete noodlehead or work in a few well-shaped spirals or barrel curls or WHATEVAH.... Listen to Beauty Wonkette! Get some of these and have fun!


  1. :-o ... thought these were my lil secret. they are way cool!


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