Etailer of the Week: True Radiance for beautiful skin

When Beauty Wonkette makes a promise, Beauty Wonkette delivers. I've been promising a Friday Etailer of the Week review. Well, after my MLAB post, I figured I'd better start giving you some options that won't drive you into bankruptcy!!! And, when it comes to skincare, True Radiance has become a virtual cult favorite in the online skincare and beauty community...

True Radiance was founded by Aleta Medeiros, a registered nurse in California. As is so often the case with etailers, what began as a small and successful hobby for making quality skincare products for friends and patients, became a business. Luck for us that it did, because this is good stuff at a reasonable price.

From the True Radiance site:

"True Radiance is fully focused on bringing you the cutting edge in quality skin creams. Our anti-aging skin creams, for example, utilize modern ingredients. As a result, our products have offered alternative solutions to costly, and sometimes, harmful cosmetic procedures.

Our Company takes pride in researching the latest advancements, and our creams and serums are a result of that research. We care about how people look, and consequently, how they feel."

I've personally tried both the Golden Serum and True Radiance Eye Cream and they are both great products: pleasant to use, effective, and reasonably priced. Aleta also offers fantastic customer service and a very generous sample policy. Beauty Wonkette doesn't make recommendations lightly, but this one comes without reservation. Check it out for yourself.


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