Beauty Wonkette's favorite new toy: the Pilatesstick!

Beauty Wonkette is a workout fanatic! Not a bad thing, really. I mean, there are worse addictions than a Stairmaster addiction. Over the years, I've found that changing up your workout routine from time to time keeps things fresh and interesting. However, some things are absolute staples in Beauty Wonkette's workout regimen: the classic workout tapes/dvds by the Firm, the Stairmaster, swimming, and YES - Pilates.

Beauty Wonkette was doing Pilates years before it became a craze amongst the chiceria. In fact, even though Pilates really is an instructor-based system (yep - ever after all these years, Beauty Wonkette still takes an occasional Pilates class to check her form, etc), the investment in a her very own studio Reformer was one of the best investments Beauty Wonkette has made. BUT, it takes up an awful lot of room and not everyone has that kind of space.

When Beauty Wonkette was asked to test this new system, she was admittedly skeptical. Surely this could never replace her beloved Reformer. WRONG. This portable system is absolutely awesome. For $149 you gain all the benefits of the Reformer without sacrificing the space. Throw in a few more bucks for the wall mount and it makes something that is excellent even better.

If you're not familiar with Pilates then get familiar with it RIGHT NOW. Created by Joseph Pilates over ninety years ago to aid in rehabilitation of patients, Pilates builds muscle, and improves posture, flexibility, and balance through a series of stretching and strengthening exercises. Joseph Pilates was one of the first Westerners to write about mind-body exercise. In contrast to traditional training, Pilates does not isolate each muscle in training but rather works the entire body as a whole. Anyone can do it. I've even recruited my father and he says he's never felt better.

PilatesStick® is the first completely portable body sculpting system.Use it in your home, office, hotel or even take a Pilatesstick ® class at your local gym! The PilatesStick® Portable Body Sculpting System uses patented Slastix™ technology in the production of the resistance tubing. It is superior to traditional naked tubing because it provides increased comfort and safety. No more worries about skin being pinched or having your hair pulled by latex! For you sensitive lovelies, the Safety Sleeve™ provides ultimate protection from irritation caused by latex. The Pilatesstick ® features contouring attachment straps. These straps attach your hands or feet to the unit for a more secure movement.

In addition to the Pilatesstick system itself, you also get an exercise mat, a very cool carrying bag, a door anchor, and a basic workout dvd. I think now they also throw in the advanced workout dvd for free. Shipping is free, too. Whether you are a workout fanatic like Beauty Wonkette, or have been thinking (and stalling) about getting in shape, you really should check out the Pilatesstick !


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