Beauty Wonkette aka THE SCRUB QUEEN

I've been doing so much scrubbing, polishing, buffing, and marinating lately, I might as well put myself on a rotisserie spit Laughing ! I'm sure I'd be succulent and tender!!! If you are thinking that my bathroom must be overflowing with scrubs and polishes, you are absolutely right! I adore scrubs. I adore them so much I often make my own, but I also find any new scrub that seems unique and effective to be irresistible.

Over the weekend, I went back to some old favorites from Ablutions Spa and wondered how on earth I've been living without them! These are THE MOST LUSCIOUS scrubs on the planet. They are also VERY effective. Not a bad combo where I come from!

I think what I like best about them is that they are "big girl scrubs." They're loaded with sumptuous, exotic ingredients and they not only leave my skin all buffed and polished and touchable, they smell sultry. If you are like me, you've often left the "bath & body" board over at Makeup Alley shaking your head. Don't get me wrong. I've gotten some great leads there. But when I read about some gals' choice of fragrance....well, ahem, I kind of shake my head. Beauty Wonkette is all grown up. I don't want to smell like cotton candy or pink cupcakes or twizzlers !!!

The ONLY problem I have with Ablutions Spa scrubs is deciding which one I like best. Among my current favorites:

Moroccan Harem Organic Sugar Scrub
Description: Treat yourself to a Moroccan style spa treatment at home with this sultry, clean rinsing treat of organic sugar enveloped in an enticing blend of blood orange, sandalwood and clove bud essential oils, authentic Moroccan clays and ground spices that will transport you to another place and time.

Aegean Mint Organic Sugar Scrub

Description:Aegean Mint takes its influence from the Mediterranean Sea and thermae of ancient Greece. This purifying body smoother features organic cane sugar, mineral rich sea clay and is lushly scented with a blend of essential oils showcasing spearmint, one of antiquity's favorites..

Thai Coconut Milk & Lemongrass Organic Sugar Scrub
Description: From enchanting Thailand comes the delightful combination of sweet coconut, tart lemongrass essential oil and organic lemongrass powder in our clean rinsing organic sugar scrub. It's absolute bliss!

By the way, if you head over to Ablutions, check out their other products as well. I've yet to use anything that Monica makes that I haven't fallen in love with. She really is one of my favorite etailers. I'm buy so much from etailers and I'm truly delighted with much of what I've found online. I'm going to try to feature more of these great finds here. Beauty Wonkette believes that a) it is good to share, and b) you should spend as much money as I do :D


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