Bat those gorgeous eyelashes....

The market today is loaded with new products that promise to grow your eyelashes, thicken them, etc. Apparently, some of them even work! Beauty Wonkette learned awhile back that she had alot more eyelash than she thought! DID YOU KNOW THAT THE TIPS OF YOUR EYELASHES ARE TRANSPARENT? ^5s to you if you already knew that. Beauty Wonkette didn't. Once I DID learn it, I also learned to tint my own eyelashes and the results are truly phenomenal. My lashes look longer, thicker, and very glossy.

The very best of all the eyelash tint kits is 1000 Hours Eyelash and Brow Tint. Why 1000 hours? Well, apparently, that's the actual lifespan of a single eyelash. You can figure the rest out. Although I have waited 6 weeks to retint, more often than not, I do it every 4 weeks or so. I especially love this stuff because my eyelashes look sultry even when they are bare of mascara. It means they look good in bed, on the beach, when I go to the pool for a workout swim, and on days that I don't bother with mascara (which is more and more frequently now that I'm tinting).

The only downside is that the stuff isn't available in the U.S. The GREAT news is that you can now buy it from the 1000 Hours site for $25 a pop. And, that price includes shipping from Australia. Not bad when you consider that each kit will give you 12 applications. Place an order for over $70 (and Beauty Wonkette personally likes to stock up on stuff when she orders anyway), and they'll throw in a heated eyelash curler worth $25 gratis.

The kits, which are very easy to use, come in black, dark brown, blue black, brown black, and charcoal. Beauty Wonkette has dark brown hair and uses the blue black. Although the black gave great results, the blue black seems to look extra glossy. If you're looking for blue though, I have to tell you that I don't detect even a hint of it.


  1. Hi Beauty Wonkette!

    I just wanted to say I gave you a shout-out on my blog. I tried this 1000 Hour stuff after I read about it here and I love it!

  2. Yayyyy! I'm so glad to hear that you liked it. I really do count it as one of my all time greatest discoveries! BTW I LOVE your blog :D


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