Cancer really SUCKS, but Lindi Skin helps.....

Unfortunately, most of us know someone who has been stricken with cancer. Even for those fortunate enough to have a cancer that is treatable, the treatment can really take its toll. Yes, chemotherapy, in particular, has come a long way. Sympathetic drugs allow those fighting cancer and undergoing chemo to function far better than ever before. W awful rashes, dermatitis, leukopenia. And, adding insult to injury, the effects are worsened by traditional skin care products.

Not too long ago, a very dear and longtime friend with absolutely NO risk factors for cancer of any kind, and with absolutely no symptoms, found out by chance that she had stage IV metastatic lung cancer. Needless to say, her prognosis wasn't good. But, she's tough and courageous and told us all that she just wasn't ready to die. She lost one lung to surgery which was followed by high dose radiation therapy. When the cancer metastasized to her brain, she started an incredibly agressive regimen of chemo. It was aggressive enough to wipe out any sign of cancer in her brain, but now, it has travelled to her other lung. This isn't a story with a happy ending. But, she knew from the beginning what she was up against. When she was first diagnosed, her doctors told her that she should get her personal affairs in order. They didn't expect her to last the year. That was three years ago. Her strength is seriously diminished. She's going through yet another round of chemo, but it ISN'T a terribly aggressive cycle. She isn't strong enough for that. But she still is in there fighting for each and every day. I have to say that I am absolutely in awe of her. I've never seen someone fight with such courage and such grace.

When this happened to her, we were both at the height of our careers; both incredibly busy and keeping in touch with quick, witty emails, text messages, funny photos of us, of our lovers, our dogs. Since then, although she, amazing Supergirl that she is, has continued to work, and obviously so have I, we've made the time. We've dumped our so's and done girlee sleepovers - staying up all night talking. She told me that there were alot of things about her situation that were incredibly difficult to come to terms with. But, again and again, she said that one of the most difficult was the loss of control. She also said that while she felt almost embarassed to admit it, her self esteem was taking a terrible beating. I told her honestly that although her legendary great ass was gone, she was still every bit as beautiful as she was before. I wasn't saying it because I love her. It happens to just be true. Nevertheless, I was almost desperate to do SOMETHING for her.

After a fair amount of research, I was somewhat shocked to discover that there was not
one line of skin care products specifically developed for people with cancer. Innovative Skincare - IS Clinical - to their credit, DOES indeed have a few products as well as an excellent program for women fighting cancer. But, I wasn't entirely satisfied. Then I discovered Lindi Skin.

The more I learned about the line, the more excited I got. Basically, Lindi Skin's founders aligned with dermatologists, oncologists, nurses, patients and skincare formulators to create the first and only complete skin care line developed for the unique needs of people with cancer.

The products are elegant and luxurious. The formulas are unique: gentle, soothing, and packed with high quality anti-inflammatories, anti-irritants and healing ingredients. Each product also seeks to achieve the absolute ultimate in hydration, which is a huge issue for those undergoing cancer treatment. They will even pair you up with products that combat effects from your specific treatments or medications. Among the many great products in the line, the Eye Hydrator is excellent and has a unique texture that smoothes on and absorbs quickly so no rubbing is needed. My friend says that the Skin Coolers, which ease and cool skin that's itchy, dry, and irritated, may be the best thing that has ever happened to her. They can also be worn under wigs or around the neck for hot flashes.

I just can't say enough good things about Lindi Skin. They don't just offer fantastic products, either. Clearly these folks know something about what it's like to fight cancer and are determined to provide both the products AND the tools and support that help when one is fighting cancer. My friend told me that in "reclaiming" her skin, she felt like she had won back at least some measure of control over what was happening to her. She looks better, she feels better, and she's got alot of her old self-confidence back.

If someone you know is going through cancer therapy, you simply MUST check out this line. No matter how you cut it, cancer REALLY sucks. Lindi Skincare makes it suck just a little bit less....


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