Etailer of the Week: Arcadia Aromatics

Yes, Beauty Wonkette knows that today is Saturday and she promised to do an Etailer of the Week feature every Friday. Sigh. It's just a leeetle bit late though....

This week, I want to call your attention to Arcadia Aromatics. The fact that Beauty Wonkette is obsessed with gorgeous, fragrant, luxurious handmade cold process soaps isn't a secret. I can tell you that Arcadia makes some of the absolute best out there. They're always gorgeous and she really does come up with some truly luscious fragrance blends. I adore her salt bars, which are NOT scrub bars (for the uninitiated), but soap bars to which one adds salt. The result is a harder bar that is just awesome in the bath or shower.

But, what won this etailer this spot is her unique and awesome solid shampoo and conditioner bars. OMG they are sooooo good. I do a fair amount of travelling for both work and play. Transporting a bottle of shampoo and conditioner has always been a pain. It became a more significant problem when the airlines enacted their anti-terror restrictions. Beauty Wonkette does not like waiting around for baggage since it seems to take as long to get your bag as it took you to get there in the first place. Investing in the incredibly efficient and deceptively roomy carry-on luggage used by pilots and flight attendants was a very smart move. But, was Beauty Wonkette supposed to walk around with dirty hair? Was she going to have to figure in time to shop for shampoo and conditioner in every town and hamlet?

I've tried other solid hair products that some gals have raved about. I tried products from a number of etailers, from LUSH (whose products I sort of hate) - didn't like any of them. Even with a apple cider vinegar rinse, I felt like they left a film on my hair and also left it difficult to style. Arcadia's are fantastic though. I'm not ready to toss my shampoo - conditioner stash and I still am loving conditioner only washing for 3 or 4 out of 5 of my hair cleanses, but these babies are invaluable for travel and last forever. Try them and check out those gorgeous soaps while you're out it. If you do, especially if the solid shampoo and conditioner totally replace whatever you are currently using, Beauty Wonkette would love to hear about it.....


  1. I love her products and agree with you about her salt bar!
    Her liquid shampoo is nice and gentle on color treated hair.
    You really can't go wrong with any of her products. :)

  2. Thank you so much for a wonderful review of my products. I am so happy that you are enjoying them.


  3. No, no Lissa !!! Thank YOU. Plenty of what's available out there enjoy fine ingredients, etc. But, whenever I come across products that have fine ingredients, but are also clearly a labor of love, believe me, I DO take note. They're hard to come by. ;-)


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