Great workout gear that avoids the "ugh I STINK"

Since Beauty Wonkette is something of an exercise fanatic, we're always interested in products designed to help athletes perform at their best. And, as a wife and working woman, I love finding things that make my life easier. Heh.... Who doesn't?

Well, Beauty Wonkette has discovered a line of workout wear that does both: Icebreaker, made from New Zealand merino wool. Wool for running, stepping, etc.? Yup, but this stuff is a far cry from that itchy sweater you bought but never wear. Merino wool is soft, breathes better than cotton, wicks sweat beautifully and keeps Beauty Wonkette cool, even on hot days! That's all great but here's what Beauty Wonkette really love about Icebreaker gear: unlike synthetic fabrics, it doesn't get stinky after just one workout. In fact, you can wear the same top for a week before it even starts to ripen.

Icebreaker clothes come in several weights (Beauty Wonkette wears a couple of layers for cold-weather runs) and tons of styles, some cute enough to wear anytime. Check it out at


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