A Must Have Beauty Palette from NARS

As far as Beauty Wonkette is concerned, beauty palettes are generally good for two things: taking up space in your makeup bag, and wasting your money on pairings of colors you end up never using. NARS Wild At Heart 15 Yr Anniversary Palette is NOT one of those palettes. Featuring 4 you-will-wear-them eyeshadow shades, Orgasm blush (Beauty Wonkette's all-time favorite blush, and in the beauty Hall of Fame), The Multiple in South Beach (a classic shimmer cream), 4 gorgeous lip glosses ranging from nearly-sheer to look-at-me red, and a huge, hugely convenient mirror, this palette now goes everywhere with BW. It's a limited edition, so grab one while you can.

The set contains:
- 0.03 oz Eyeshadow in Abyssinia (delicate pearl sheen)
- 0.03 oz Eyeshadow in Alhambra (golden champagne)
- 0.03 oz Eyeshadow in Ashes To Ashes (violet brown with shimmer)
- 0.03 oz Eyeshadow in Pandora (matte black)
- 0.15 oz Blush in Orgasm (peachy pink with shimmer)
- 0.12 oz The Multiple in South Beach (shimmering apricot)
- 0.03 oz Lip Lacquer in Baby Doll (cotton candy pink)
- 0.02 oz Lipstick in Red Lizard (semi matte full powered red)
- 0.02 oz Lipstick in Manhunt (sheer poppy red)
- 0.02 oz Lipstick in Fire Down Below (semi matte pure blood red)

Available ONLINE ONLY at Sephora


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