Skin-Care Secrets From Around The World: FRANCE

France: Natural Beauty?

     Beauty Wonkette knows that it’s not news that French women are ahead of the curve in the realm of aesthetics — beauty being no exception. But, their beauty “secret” might shock most American women, because the way French women stay beautiful is not necessarily a secret — it’s more a state of mind.
     “French women understand that perfection is not possible and accept the good and the bad. They prefer the look of bare skin, to have a healthy glow, and be proud of it,” says Isabelle Bellis, a French-born epidermologist and holistic nutritionist. “French women are more concerned with keeping their skin soft, glowing, and clean rather than treating wrinkles and dark spots.” 
     And, while Bellis admits that wrinkles and anti-aging are issues, she notes that women in France will focus more on the overall feel and texture of the skin as opposed to erasing the effects of time. “They’re more obsessed with the softness of the skin,” she says, adding that they balance out a “bon vivant” lifestyle with the right products. “French women use a lot of moisturizers in order to offset the moisture-robbing effects of drinking wine and coffee and smoking cigarettes (BW wonders if French women still partake in this disgusting habit?).”
     According to Bellis, the French skin-care regimen is a fairly simple, daily three steps: a milk cleanser to wash the face; a lotion (or toner) to further cleanse the face, oxygenate the tissue of the skin, and allow for better penetration of active ingredients; and finally a moisturizer or serum.
     Sylvie Chantecaille, CEO and president ofChantecaille Beauté, adds that skin care is as much a part of French culture as the baguette. “They’re innately more proactive when it comes to skin care and buy into a routine — one that’s passed down by their mothers and grandmothers — early on,” she says, also noting that milk cleansers, such as ChantecailleFlower Infused Cleansing Milk, are popular with French women. “They have a very simple and tailored routine with little fuss,” she says.


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