Skin-Care Secrets From Around The World: U.K.

     Beauty Wonkette's series on international beauty secrets continues.  Let's check out what's happening across the pond in the U.K.

U.K.: Ahead Of The Curve

     Our sisters in the U.K. are often the first to catch on to many trends, be it the latest reality show or the next boy band. AND Beauty Wonkettes in the UD can also teach us a thing or two about beauty, says Jane Cunningham, editor of blogs British Beauty Blogger and The Beauty +. 
     While American women are accustomed to cutting-edge beauty services being as accessible as a cup of Starbucks coffee, our British counterparts have become far more industrious — and knowledgeable — about beauty. “There isn’t a nail bar on every corner, even in London,” says Cunningham. “And, there isn’t a waxing salon on every high street, which means we’re more likely to tackle those things at home. It makes us very adept at waxing our own legs and doing our own manicures and blowouts.”

     Which is not to say the Brits are missing out in any way. In fact, simple geography means they’re privy to a host of interesting European trends way before they're even a blip on our radar. Cunningham sites the recent popularity of micellar waters, a gentle French cleansing method that uses tiny micelle particles (instead of soap and alcohol) to remove makeup, sebum, and impurities from the skin. “Our makeup artists started using Bioderma Crealine micellar water during Paris Fashion Week, and now the line is stocked in the U.K.,” says Cunningham. “A few years ago, you couldn’t buy it here at all!”
     London-based dermatologist Dr. Eric Toni adds that U.K. women face a variety of unique weather conditions, adding to their hardier approach to beauty. “In areas like Scotland and Northern Ireland, it’s often wetter and windier for more of the year, so women there complain of a lack of radiance and dry skin,” says Dr. Toni. “And, while the U.K. isn’t really known for being sunny, women are surprised to find that they need help with brown spots and patches that may have built up over time due to lack of sunscreen use and holidays abroad.”
     Toni favors antioxidant products from theSkinceuticals line to protect against daily environmental damage as well as peels and IPL to target pigmentation issues. “Antioxidants are a key element of daily skin care,” he says. “And, sunscreens are a must, daily, no matter where.”


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