LASHES & LIPS! BEAUTY WONKETTE hits the drugstore :D

Beauty Wonkette has many secret shames, but the love of cheap, drugstore beauty products is definitely NOT one of them. Last month, on a business trip to Europe, the airline lost my entire, carefully packed suitcase for four days (which especially sucked since BW was only there for 5 days ..... grrrrr).  Besides, sometimes you just want something amazing that costs less than a double espresso.  AND sometimes you just want to try out a wild color without necessarily committing to it. Beauty Wonkette dutifully tested hoards of the newest drugstore lip and lash products — and some winners emerged. From two-dollar Popsicle lips to a mascara guard that protects against smudgy upper eyes, Beauty Wonkette's favs?  Read on my lovelies....

Revlon's ColorBurst Matte Balm is Beauty Wonkette's new favorite drugstore lip product. I went to an event the other night where this fell out of my overpacked bag, and a bunch of beauty editors all proudly flourished the very same product. The color goes on like silk, the payoff is bright and full, and it is so long-lasting that it takes several swipes, makeup remover, and real scrubbing to remove all trace of the product. It also has a slight minty taste, which is refreshing. BW wants to collect all the colors and carry them on a chain, like in ye olde days of Bonne Bell Lip Smackers.

L'Oréal Paris Voluminous Butterfly Mascara Beauty Wonkette is usually skeptical about gimmicky-looking mascara brushes. (since my lashes aren't traveling into outer space; how much technology do they actually need?) Though this odd-looking brush looks nothing like a monarch butterfly, the comb really does work to lengthen and separate your lashes. The brush is inflexible, with short and long bristles throughout, but works like a hard-backed comb to give volume and definition. The trick is to roll your hand so that your entire lash gets the full brunt of the short and long bristles. AND Beauty Wonkette likes the case.
Maybelline Color Elixir Lately, Beauty Wonkette has had a strict no-lip-gloss policy (don't ask). But these new glosses from Maybelline are more like two-thirds lipstick, one-third lip gloss, with the color payoff of a lipstick and the moisture and shine of a gloss. It's the right amount of shine to make your lips extra defined and full without making them look cheesy. The wand is also petal-shaped so that you can use it to trace along your lip line. It's non-sticky and has a pleasant, clean-laundry scent.
Flower Beauty's Lip Butters were Beauty Wonkette's favorites.  They are like dupes of Fresh's cult-favorite lip treatments. It's a tad less rich than Fresh's version, but the color glides onto the lips to deliver a clean, slightly sheer, rosy look. All the colors are named after flowers, so they also make for a nice mini-horticulture lesson. The only drawback is that you have to go to Walmart (skeery greeter land) to get them.

Covergirl Bombshell This mascara is one of the most durable mascaras Beauty Wonkette has tried. Yes, we know waterproof formulas usually are, but this was so long-lasting that BW woke up with a few smudges under my eyes even after washing with an oil-based cleanser. But it also really got to the root and base of BW's lashes, and made them look super-thick. The trick is the two-step formula, with step one being a polymer-base,d volume-enhancing base coat. Step two is the topcoat. Even if you don't end up liking the topcoat, Beauty Wonkette still suggests using the base coat and then applying your favorite mascara of the moment over it. BTW, it's best suited for people that may have long lashes already, but want more volume.


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