Right now there is little question - the eyes - that is the EYEBROWS - have it

Beauty Wonkette couldn't help but notice that EVERY SINGLE BEAUTY AND FASHION rag known to humankind has been running non-stop pieces on EYEBROWS.  Well, as such, because BW is always looking for ways to ease your way to purrrfection, we bring you:


Thin, unruly, patchy, stick straight. Chances are, you’ve faced at least one of these classic brow problems—probably multiple times. Consider this your go-to guide for the arch of triumph, courtesy of expert Sania Vucetaj, founder of Sania’s Brow Bar in New York.

PROBLEM: You have no arch.
No arch
SOLUTION: Honor what your mama gave you.
Instead of immediately plucking like a madwoman, use the natural space between your brow and eyelid to determine the shape your brow should take. “If there isn’t much space, remove hair to open up the eyes,” says Vucetaj. “If you have a lot of space, keep the hair fuller to avoid the ‘surprised’ look.” Remember to pull hairs individually in the direction of growth for best results.

PRO TIP: To prevent ingrown hairs and maintain precision, Vucetaj says to avoid threading (which yanks bunches of hair out in all directions) and stick to tweezing and trimming.

PROBLEM: Your brows have a mind of their own.
Mind of their own
SOLUTION: Draw and snip them into submission.
Using a brow pencil that contrasts with your hair color (a dark pencil for light hair, for example, and a light one for dark hair), draw your desired brow shape onto your existing brows. Next, carefully tweeze around the shape you’ve created and brush the brows upward. Trim a few hairs at a time along the upper brow edge until you reach the desired shape.

PRO TIP: To draw even more attention to your now-perfect arches, finish with a multitasking pencil

PROBLEM: Your brows are too short, patchy, or overplucked.
Short, patchy, overplucked
SOLUTION: Pencil them in.
You were going for Megan Fox, but you ended up with a big ol’ faux pas. Don’t panic: Use the stenciling trick above to outline the shape you wanted, then use a pencil that matches your hair color  to fill it in. Be careful not to press too hard, or you might pull some hairs out. Brows looking sparse? A brow powder can tackle gaps.


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