Even if you aren't an EDGY chica, you'll love Le Edge!

Beauty Wonkette confessed long ago that she was a total scrub slut.  Blushing.  Pffft!  Why the hell am I blushing.  Exfoliation is GOOD FOR YOU, right?  I mean, anyone who has visited a spa and has had any type of exfoliating, wrap or cellulite-reducing treatment has had their spa technician EXTOL the benefits of ridding the skin on your body of dead skin cells. Makes sense to Beauty Wonkette? In fact, she has her very own microdermabrasion machine as part of her (growing) too chest.  So, why not the oft-neglected skin on our bodies.

For a long time, experts were hawking dry brushing as the ultimate (and perhaps only) solution to cellulite.  Beauty Wonkette doesn't like dry brushing.  Either it kind of hurts OR the brush in question loses its stiffness quickly (minimizing their ability to effectively exfoliate).  Also, Beauty Wonkette thinks it's a tad gross.   Does a dry brush ever get completely clean with all of its tiny bristles? Seems like a great hiding place for errant skin cells and bacteria.  Ewww.

Now there’s a very cool alternative. Le Edge is a personal exfoliating tool made of surgical-grade stainless steel.  To use Le Edge simply take it into the shower with you and glide it along (at a 45 degree angle) the area of your body that you wish to exfoliate. It can be used on any part of your face or body. BW's favorite way to use it is as part of pedicure treatment. It does a great job at eliminating any dry, scaly skin from the bottom of  feet. Simply clean it with hot water and let it dry before storing it.
Effective, easy to clean and hygenic? Le Edge est magnifique indeed BUT it doesn't smell as yummy as BW's scrubs.  But, since Le Edge only costs $34.95 and lasts forever, BW can happily indulge in both.  Grin.

P.S.  It does an awesome job of banishing razor bumps for both you AND your hunky, hairy so.

Retail price: $34.95
For more information visit: le-edgeusa.com


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