Too Busy To Get Your Roots Touched Up? Perusing the Products that MIGHT Change Your Life!

Try as Beauty Wonkette might, she has never been one of  those girls who have their hair color appointments booked an even six weeks apart. Translation: Even though she has mastered coloring her hair at home, Beauty Wonkette has most definitely  seen her fair share of unruly roots, sprouting grays, and lackluster tone — but who has time? Not Beauty Wonkette.  Especially since it seems to be the case that her roots look fine until they suddenly DON'T.  Aaaargh.

The obvious solution is temporary root cover-up, which claims to make a fast, easy difference in the short-term without a trip to the salon (or an at-home dye job). True, there are good ones out there — one Beauty Wonkette winner  is the Color Wow kit — but also many that are messy, or just plain ineffective. To shed some light on this ever-expanding category of products, a writer over at The Cut took seven for a spin, and chronicled any and all side effects — from spots on her scalp to "fingernails full of soot." Yikes.

Lo and behold, there were three fail-safe winners that got the job done with minimal mess — click to read the full reviews! (The Cut)
Color Wow is always available at Ulta for about $35


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