Beauty Wonkette Nails the Path to the Perfectly Undone Look

Have you ever wondered how those J.Crew models get perfectly undone hair? Beauty Wonkette most certainly HAS wondered.  So, she searched for an answer and now she has it - and so do you :D.  The 'do is courtesy of this sea-salt spray created by Brent Lavett, the stylist responsible for the tousled manes on the website. Containing pure Maris salt, which is harvested from the only active sea-salt bed in North America, the product also includes Bulgarian rose and spirulina algae for softness, volume, and a subtle scent. Spray into damp or dry hair before twisting up into a bun if you prefer a more wavy look. And if you want that second-day piece-y effect, simply let it air dry.  Beauty Wonkette wishes she figured this out during the Summer, but hey - better late than never!
Lavett & Chin Original Sea/Salt texturizing mist, $30 at J.Crew.


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