High Brow, Low Brow.... EGADS! Sparse brow!!!

    When Beauty Wonkette was just a wee wonkette, she feared almost nothing more than the dreaded unibrow.  Indeed, she lived for the day when she'd be allowed to tweeze and shape her eyebrows into the beautiful, graceful arch of her big sister.  But, alas, Mama Beauty Wonkette insisted she wait.  She could not wait for the day to come and, although wee, BW was a willful child. So, one day, she shaved her eyebrows.  OFF.  COMPLETELY.  Wee Beauty Wonkette looked like she had a disease.  So, Mama Beauty Wonkette did what any loving mother would do.  To protect her wee one from ridicule, she gave her bangs.  When Beauty Wonkette was just a wee wonkette, the only thing she hated more than the prospect of a unibrow were BANGS!  Ah well, it was a long time ago.  BW's brows did grow back eventually and the bangs grew out.  Mama BW eventually relented and Beauty Wonkette got the eyebrows she wanted. 

     Although Beauty Wonkette always took excellent care to groom her eyebrows, she really never gave them much thought.  Nor did she recognize how important they were to her overall look until they started to get kind of sparse looking.  You see, as hormone levels change or decline, such as during and after pregnancy or when we become perimenopausal, some of us notice that our once-full brows now look sparse; perhaps we can even see skin through them or lighter hairs are growing in. Loss of volume also could be the result of chronic overplucking, certain medications, poor nutrition, low iodine levels, hormonal imbalances, skin disorders, or a thyroid condition. But in many cases, volume loss is simply a part of the aging process.

     What to do?  There are some moderately effective home remedies that recommend using certain oils, such as castor or coconut oil. Both are reported to encourage hair regrowth if applied to the brow area before bed and left on overnight. Apparently, the vitamins penetrate the skin and stop protein loss. Beauty Wonkette hasn't tried either on her brows, but they definitely do work to thicken and condition lashes, so she's guessing they probably do some good. There are also plenty of OTC lash grown serums, which can also be used on brows.

     Ultimately, if these things don't work for you and you are out of ways to overcome Mother Nature's mean tricks, you can certainly fake it. It's amazing what a little well-placed brow makeup can do to improve the appearance and lift the eyes.  Beauty Wonkette has compiled some tips:

  1. Choose a brow color that is 1-2 shades lighter than your hair.
  2. Using a stiff eyebrow brush or clean spoolie, brush the hairs downward and find the arch.
  3. Using a thin angle brush, lightly apply color to the arch with short, feathery strokes.
  4. Brush brow hairs up and out and use the angle brush to fill in sparse areas only. Brow powder (which should be slightly stiff, even waxy) gives wispy brows definition; it's also a great choice for those seeking a more natural look. Pencil (or gel) provides a more dramatic look or is useful for anyone who is actually missing whole sections of the brow (this means YOU chronic overplucker!).
  5. Very lightly use what's left on the brush to almost-imperceptibly extend the tail end.
  6. Set in place with a clear mascara.
      Once done, you can forget about them for the rest of the day.  No touch-ups required!


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