Want beautiful eyes?

We all know those women who always sport that perfect cosmetic counter clerk eye shadow look. Beauty Wonkette has always kind of hated them. Yeah, yeah - we were all taught how to do it somewhere along the way: Light at the brow, darker in the edge and crease, and a sweep of color that coordinates with your outfit across the lid. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Well, what if you're more of the beauty school dropout type? The simple truth is that an awful lot of women have just never found it easy to replicate the technique. An equal number of women, and Beauty Wonkette is at the very top of THIS list, simply have very limited time, are almost always running late, and rarely have the time, even when dressing for a special night out, to mess around with 3 different shades of eye shadow.

Are you doomed to never do any better than a quick smudge of eyeshadow, a forgiving eyeliner you can smudge, and a hasty brush of mascara? Of course not! You could hit the lottery (or make a sex tape a la Kim Kardashian), become fabulously rich, and have your own personal makeup artist. Or, you could try Coloron Pro Instant Eyeshadow.

The product claims to provide single-use, hygienic hypoallergenic applicators that require no makeup skills, no brushes. Yeah right. An eyeshadow that is waterproof, crease-proof, and long-wearing that transfers to the eyelid with just a touch. Call Beauty Wonkette a cynic, but she had her doubts about both the ease of application and the quality of the shadow itself.

Well, Beauty Wonkette was wrong! In fact, Beauty Wonkette was very pleasantly surprised with this stuff.

ColorOn Eye Shadow Applicators are easy to press on and pull off, making you look like a makeup artist who knows exactly what to do with a four-color combo eye shadow compact. There is enough product on the applicator to use it more than twice if you want to, so if you need to fill in some areas or have an exceptionally high arch, there's plenty there to reapply. The eyeshadow is slightly creamy so the colors blend with each other very well, truly giving you an advanced makeup artist look at home.

The only problem in Beauty Wonkette's book is that some of the color combinations are seriously tacky - uhhhh zebra eyelids?! But hey, eye shadow delinquents can only be so picky, and there are enough color combinations that look really pretty and they run from subtle to bold.

A single oval applicator (they remind BW of those temporary tattoos...) is used for both eyes. A ten applicator kit is $20 and a twenty applicator kit is $30. There's a wide selection of color combos AND you can mix, match, and customize your kit. Also, each kit comes with setting powder and a brush to apply it.

Intrigued? WHAT are you waiting for? Head on over to www.coloronpro.com and check it out.


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