Blow me baby ! or :D The Brushless Blowout Tutorial

For all my fellow Beauty Wonkettes who DO NOT reside in NYC, let me tell you.....  blowout psychosis has seized the town.  There are "blow bars" everywhere you look.  Hi end blow bars, bargain blow bars.... No wonder Bill Clinton has chosen NYC as his hometown....

Anyway, Beauty Wonkette is more of a do it yourself kind of gal, so when New York magazine's The Cut ran this tutorial, BW studied it like she hasn't studied since she took her bar exam.  And, it changed her life!  (Well, okay, maybe not her LIFE, but her hair looks AWESOME).  Here it is, my lovelies:

Step 1: Create sections in the "mohawk" area of your head. Lift up a section, starting from the front of the head, and liberally spritz volumizer directly into the roots. "Product application is key," Josh mandates. "This is the foundation to getting the product in the root which will help you keep the style all day long." Tip: "Do this section by section through the Mohawk area until your arms physically can't go backwards anymore, then you've done enough."

Step 2: In the same way you sprayed product in sections, blow dry your hair systematically from the top. Aim the nozzle of the dryer right at the roots, while using your free hand to lift and tug the hair up as your move along. Tip: "Get the blow dryer in there while your hair is still wet with product. Once the hair is dry you've lost your chance."

Step 3: Starting at the top of your head, grab a section of hair and aim the blow dryer from behind. You'll notice a beveled shape in the hair, almost like a pompadour. Blast it with hot air. Once hair is dry, finish that section with a cold shot of air to set. Do this repeatedly through the Mohawk section of your head until your arms can't reach back anymore.

Step 4: For the very back of your head, blast hot air to dry follicles while running your fingers throughout your head. No sectioning or lifting necessary.

Step 5: Use your fingers to style and shape your finished look.

BTW, that's hairstylist and colorist to the stars Harry Josh doing the errrr blowing.  He's using the The Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000.  Apparently, Harry decided to teach us his brushless blow out technique to show off his new dryer's styling abilities.  "It's to avoid that uptown look," he explains. All it takes is lots of volumizing spray (he chose Serge Normant Meta Lush Volumizer) and his new toy.  His dryer looks awesome, has all kinds of whistles, and lights, and stuff, but it also runs about $300.  Beauty Wonkette would love one, but she's managed to master the technique with her current blow dryer.  You can too!


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