In a pinch? Beauty Wonkette's Anti Ouch Guide :D

Okay, my lovelies.  Repeat after Beauty Wonkette: This will be the summer I do not destroy my feet.

We really want you to keep your promise so here a few ways to protect yourself from blisters, cuts and other icky injuries--without forgoing style, of course.

Prevent rubbing
Before strapping yourself into a new pair of gladiators (same goes for flip-flops), coat your feet with a blister-preventing balm such as Sole Goddess. We’ve used Body Glide for years on the back of our heels and anywhere a strap might hit.

Keep your feet in place
It’s basic gravity: Sweaty feet slide forward. Keep your tootsies where they should be by inserting nonslip pads into your shoes. Beauty Wonkette also suggests (stop making that face and TRY IT) using medical tape to secure your pinkie toe to its little-piggy neighbor. This combats the painful smushing commonly associated with peep-toes.

Have spare flats on hand
Beauty Wonkette's purse approximates the size of Texas.  However, we don’t care how small your purse is; you can fit a pair of roll-up ballet flats in there. If you can't, you deserve a new, adult size purse. Pop ’em on when your stilettos give out.

Learn how to wear heels
If you’re going to insist on Louboutins, Jimmy Choos, and Manolos (we know we do), at least know how to walk in them. Shoe-loving podiatrist Emily Splichal’s book, Everyday Is Your Runway, teaches the basics of foot safety.

Hint: After a night out, roll each foot on a tennis ball to avoid arch pain.  Even better:  Get your honey to give you a foot massage.  Mr. Beauty Wonkette has become an expert (because practice really does make perfect).


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