She's a rainbow..... at least temporarily :D

Beauty Wonkette has a job that demands respectability and normally, she complies.  But during the crazy, hazy, lazy days of summer, between weekends at the beach, music festivals, casual poolside parties, well, summer SCREAMS for Beauty Wonkette to experiment.  But, since those experiments really do have to be temporary, BW decided to enlist some help to achieve a temporary rainbow makeover for her tresses.  Wanna play?

Colored Hair Gel
This gel is opaque, so it works well on dark hair. Start by creating some neon streaks with the gel using your hands, raking them through your hair.

Pull your hair back into a ponytail — the messier, the better.

Continue streaking your hair by coating small sections throughout the ponytail with gel. To finish the look, wrap a heavily-colored strand of hair around the elastic.

If you prefer a messy bun to a ponytail, twist the hair around into a voluminous bun and secure with bobby pins.

Isn't that cool fun?  It was SUPER EASY.  There are other products you can use:  hair chalk (which Beauty Wonkette found super difficult to work with) is one, spray on color another (easier than chalk, but harder to control than gel).  But, especially if you have dark hair, BW thinks hair gel is most definitely the way to go.

It's easy peasy and fun, so go ahead and play.  You really have nothing to loose.  BW used:

Manic Panic Dye Hard Dry-Hard Temporary Hair Color Styling Gel, $8.40, at Walgreens.

Strolling off, humming softly SOMEWHEREEEEE OVER THE RAINBOWWWWWW.......


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