Forgive me Father (or facialist, or dermatologist, WHATEVAH) for I have sinned........hehe

If you are anything like Beauty Wonkette, no matter how hard you try to be good,  you KNOW you are guilty of a few beauty sins. (BW isn't religious but is guessing the confessional booth is one of the busiest spots in your local Catholic church).  Or, at least that's the thinking behind this new Australian beauty line. Aptly named Sin Care, it focuses on your skin-wrecking sins — too much sugar, overindulging on the alcohol, smoking — rather than promoting benefits like brightening, clarifying, etc. that conventional products tout.

The brand is focusing on the so-called "extrinsic" agers, a.k.a. those lifestyle choices we make that cause our skin to age faster. These vary from "intrinsic" aging (chronological) in that they aren't the same in everyone — they will differ based on your location, hobbies, and diet. This lifestyle-based approach to anti-aging makes it easy to know which super-concentrated serum is right for you — no more staring at a bottle of skin cream and wondering if your complexion needs to be brightened or evened out. 

With Sin Care, you pick a "sin" — Party Girl, for the drinkers; Urban Renewal, for city dwellers; Sun Goddess, for the UV worshippers; Line Rewind, for those that have neglected their skin over the years; Relaxation Sensation, for the stressed; Sleep Doctor, for the insomniacs; Sugar Hit, for those with a serious sweet tooth; Smoker's Secret, for the nicotine (ewwww) addicts; and Skin Coach, for fitness freaks (because working out too much causes you to lose vital minerals, apparently). Guilty of multiple sins? Hehe......weg. The good news is these serums are designed to be layered and combined, so you can customize for your specific issues.

While Beauty Wonkette highly doubts any topical product is going to erase the damage done by something as harmful (and, sorry ladies, DISGUSTING) as smoking, we do like the fact that the brand has made it easy to pick the right product. I mean, Beauty Wonkette is your resident expertsover here and even we have our fair share of head-scratching in the beauty aisles when faced with some of these crafty marketing claims and wording. By pinpointing lifestyle aging factors, it makes it easier for us to zero in on what we actually need, rather than what we think we maybe might need.

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