Go ahead, bat those NATURALLY lush lashes....

These days, there seems to be a multitude of products and serums promising fuller, thicker eyelashes – many with harsh and unwanted side effects.  Many have turned to them, feeling they had no other choice in the quest for luscious lashes. Well, Beauty Wonkette is all about offering choices :D.  So, before you opt for the prescription pad, try something from your kitchen pantry (drum roll please) CASTOR OIL.  A common ingredient in 100s of beauty and skin care products, castor oil has been touted to aid in hair growth for centuries (it’s actually one of the top ingredients in lash growth treatments!). As with any new treatment, be sure to always test it on a small area to ensure there are no adverse reactions.  Once you’re sure there aren’t, following your nightly skin care routine ,take a clean mascara brush and give your eyelashes and eyebrows a light coating of castor oil – be sure to ONLY use organic cold-pressed castor oil – any other kind may have skin-irritating chemicals and additives.  Don’t worry about it causing blemishes – castor oil is well-known for being non-comedogenic.  Simply wash your face as normal in the morning, and be prepared to be amazed – some have reported a noticeable difference after only several days!


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