This facial is some kinda good, clean, fun!!!

If you had  told Beauty Wonkette last week that she should be taking a spray can to her face, chances are pretty good that she would have slapped yours!  But, that was before Beauty Wonkette read about Clayspray on Daily Candy.
Now we can’t get enough. The aptly named Clayspray packs mineral-rich masks into airtight, aluminum bottles so they stay fresh with every pump. Each package is color coded and labeled with active ingredients that fight specific skin problems.
Mattifying helps balance oil; Glow boosts cell turnover with cocoa seeds. Pore Refining sucks out toxins while retaining moisture. Toning uses aloe vera to calm redness and treat hyperpigmentation.
Brightening, one of Beauty Wonkette's favorites, infuses ginseng into its exfoliating formula. After fifteen minutes, our skin radiated with the afterglow of an hour-long oxygen facial.
Two types of water mists — mineral and green tea — quench the dermis before and after treatment.
Ready, aim, fire.


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