A somewhat new and totally affordable facial cleansing oil!

Beauty Wonkette has been a longtime devotee of the OIL CLEANSING METHOD.  In fact, after years of experimenting with different formulas, she came up with her own recipe that she's been using for years to keep her oil complexion poreless.  And, yes, snob that she is, Beauty Wonkette has wrinkled her nose at alot of the cleansing oils out there.  Very often, even the more expensive ones depend on the dreaded (at least BW dreads it) mineral oil.  But sometimes, we all want the convenience of something we can just buy.  Beauty Wonkette glanced at this stuff at her local drugstore, but never paid much attention to it.  One, because she's happy with her own formula, and two, Beauty Wonkette is not a big fan of Burt's Bees.  But, on a recent trip, she realized she forgot her own cleanser and needed to pick something up.  She remembered the hype:  Burt’s Bees Cleansing Oil ($15.99) is a new mineral oil free facial cleansing oil with both coconut and argan oils that removes makeup, dirt, and oil. She didn't expect much but was VERY pleasantly surprised.  The stuff is lovely!
Let’s take a look:
Burt’s Bees Cleansing Oil is available in a 6 oz plastic bottle with a nifty and efficient pump for $15.99. A quick glance at the ingredients confirms this is in fact not a mineral oil based formula which for BW would have been a deal breaker.
Although the label says that this particular formula was formulated with normal and dry skin in mind however, Beauty Wonkette has oily skin, but decided the combination of ingredients should work okay for her.  And, she was right. People are sometimes reluctant to use cleansing oils because they fear it’ll make their skin shiny or greasy but that’s an unfounded fear because cleansing oils break up and rinse clean away without leaving residue or greasiness behind.
Burt Bee’s does a very good job with this formula.To use it, simply massage on your dry face full of makeup! Apply a little water to break it up and emulsify the oil now you can rinse. Typically cleansing oils go milky and break down when water is added but this doesn’t really turn milky it does however, rinse clean away without leaving a film or oily residue behind. (It does cause major trippy cloudy vision so just a warning! Not to worry as some cool water will rinse it completely away.)
This rinses makeup away very well! I didn’t really try it on waterproof mascara and eye makeup as BW tends to remove eye makeup (if she's wearing it, which is, admittedly, rare) with an eye makeup remover prior to washing her face but all my other makeup including blush, bb cream, etc removed easily with this oil.  As a test, Beauty Wonkette used a little micellar water afterwards to determine how well this cleanses and the cotton pad came away clean!
All in all in Burt Bee’s first attempt at creating an affordable cleansing oil is a win! This formula is excellent and does a great job removing makeup without drying out skin OR doing the opposite -  plus the lack of mineral oil will please a good deal of users!
Oh....  and before you ask for Beauty Wonkette's own recipe, that my fellow wonkettes, is a post for another day.....


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